Apparently, I just obtained a Ninja 300. This one belonged to a friend for a while as their first bike until in ended up on it’s side in a ditch. From there, it sat in the back of a garage for a while waiting to get fixed. The owner ended up buying a Moto Guzzi earlier this year so I expect the Ninja dropped down into the “this will never get done” section of the do do list and proceeded to take up room in the back of their garage.

Fancy Italian machines are not in my garage often

A few weeks ago the only local Moto Guzzi dealer in the area was/is looking like it is closing it’s doors (Long story, lots of conflicting emails sent to customers), and my friend was due for a service on the Guzzi. They offered to trade the broken 300 in exchange for doing/teaching them to do the common major service items. The only tricky bit is valves, which have a pretty short interval, but easy access and adjustment. It’s not however, something someone with limited mechanical experience should tackle alone the first time, so we got that done along with going over any gotchas for changing out the engine oil, the trans oil, and the final drive oil (Yes, they are all seperate :/ )

Anyway, picked up the 300 yesterday, got it into the garage and surveyed the overall picture. Frame looks to be untouched, forks not bent, with the upper fairings and gauge mount taking the brunt of the damage. The engine wouldn’t fire at first, so on a hunch, I jumpered over the tip-over sensor reset the ECU and got it to run.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with it. I want to swap the motor into a ruckus frame (after seeing a few videos of a guy ripping rolling burnouts on a CBR250R swapped ruckus). I might already have some CAD layouts underway for doing just that. But it almost seems a shame to yard out a bike that still mostly in one piece with working mechanicals. It would make a heck of a fun kart track bike. But I do really want a stupid fast scooter with a motorbike engine and a manual transmission. :p

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