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A day at the museum

I visited the 45th Infantry Division Museum while I was in Oklahoma this week. It’s one of the largest collections of military vehicles from WWI through Korea. They also have an arms collection from the Revolutionary War through Korea. I’m going to post something interesting from their collections every day until I either run out of pics or get bored. Let’s get started!

The 45th Division is known as the Thunderbirds, appropriate for both the Native American heritage and the noise they bring with heavy artillery. The Thunderbirds ruled the overworld and opposed the great horned serpent. It was said that if you had visions of a Thunderbird, you were destined to be a medicine man, a chief, or you were going to go crazy.

So, let’s start with one of the biggest noisemakers on the lot - the M110A2 Heavy Howitzer. This self-propelled gun fired an 8-inch, 200lb round and could do this up to four times per minute when pressed. The typical rate of fire was 1 round every two minutes. The range was up to 18.6 miles with rocket-assisted rounds. This particular unit was affectionately known as the Atomic Dog. I suppose that’s a reference to its ability to fire nuclear rounds (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/W33_(nucl…. It was in service from 1956 to 1995.


That’s it for today! I’m on the road, so won’t be around to answer questions. You’ll have to talk amongst yourselves.

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