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A debate that lasts over a year

I have decided. Next year I’m buying a C7 Corvette. I’m doing it, and you can’t stop me. But now for the hard choice. Color. And yes, I want a color. No black, grey, silver, or white for this bad mamajamma. So really, it comes down to two colors in my mind: Torch Red or Corvette Racing Yellow Tintcoat:


On the one hand, Yellow is amazing. It’s bright, vibrant, and just plain Yellow. It’s the most yellow of colors. And I’ve wanted a yellow Corvette for a very long time.

On the other hand, Torch red is classic, red, and goes much better with the brown interior, which is not a deal breaker, but I’ve almost always been stuck with black interiors.


My only concern with the Yellow is...will I get tired of having the brightest damned car on the planet after a couple years? Does that happen? Any oppos experience this? Red is a fine forever color, I think, and I have much love for it. But yellow...Corvette Racing Yellow....so yellow....

What say Oppo?

I’m hoping the mid-engine Corvette comes out, and the market is flooded with C7's, and the prices plummet even more. Then I might not wait until next year...

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