I haven’t had a ton of time to work on the Mustang recently, since I had to put down new floating fake hardwood floors in my living room and hallway...a task which took a bit longer than I had anticipated (about 30 man hours total, my dad helped me out with it) over the last two weekends.

So today I was waiting for PeaPod to show up (grocery delivery is a modern miracle, by the way) and decided I could spend the variable waiting time working on the Mustang.

The plan for right now is to put it back together, register it, and use it for the next couple months before it goes into the garage for the winter. At that time, it’ll get some floor repairs, a little body work, and a fresh coat of its original Shadow Blue Metallic paint.

But in the almost hour I had tonight, this is what I did:

The interior was totally apart, so I reinstalled the carpet, quarter panel trim, rear seat, weather stripping, and the driver’s seatbelt and seat. I’d love to have the interior back together by the weekend, then I’ll recruit a friend to help me hang the doors and fenders.


After that, it’s really just bumpers and lights and I’ve got a whole car. There’s not a ton to it, so it’s going together really easily, which is good.

Of course, this winter it's also gonna get some more go-fast parts...I want to be running 12s next year with it. The stuff I've got planned should get me there pretty easily, at which point it'll pretty easily be the fastest car I've ever owned.