1985 Pontiac Fiero vs 2017 Focus ST. One is a mid engined, wedge shaped 2-seater. The other is a bulbous family hatchback with added bits and bobs to look “sporty”. One has a drag coefficient of 0.30, the other 0.377. Which is which?

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Focus: 0.30 - Each panel and add-on still sculpts and moves the air in coordination with the rest of the body. Modern wind tunnels are also more accurate and capable of modeling the airflow at speed better


Fiero: 0.377. Because “LOL IT LOOKS SMOOTH” was still kinda good enough back then

Anyways, this begins the content of my new ownership of a 1985 Fiero. Hold on to your collective asses, Oppo, cause I have plenty more in the pipeline.

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