‘02 Miata and a ‘17 86. They’re almost identical in size minus the 86 being a few inches taller.

These are just random tangents my mind has been off of as of late, all of them are related to automobiles.

  • Pop’s ‘08 Mustang GT has been up for sale for the past month and I’m not really that bummed about him selling it. Both he and I have issues with our left knees and while that Mustang is a fun car, that heavy clutch isn’t great for us in stop-and-go traffic during our daily commutes. I never really had an emotional attachment to it like what I have with the Miata...maybe it’s because we never really did much work on it other than maintenance stuff. We have a potential buyer for the Mustang but I’m worried about the fate of its future owner, not the really the car itself. Buy the sounds of it from pops, a semi-rich father is buying it for his son as a sort-of high school graduation gift and for being valedictorian of his class. However, the son used to drive a ‘02 Mustang GT automatic that he crashed in the rain. His father is going to teach him how to drive manual on this thing? I’m not too sure this is the smartest idea giving a irresponsible young adult 300 hp of go. I’m going to do my part and encourage the father to take his son to an autocross so this kid can learn how to control pop’s Stang.
  • I thought about a silly idea if I ever won the lottery; I want to buy a Vector W8 and then commission Christian von Koenigsegg to update it with a longitudinally-mounted twin-turbo V8, one-speed hybrid drivetrain setup, refined aerodynamics, lightened body panels, and, most importantly, I would gladly offer my car to be a test subject for his camless engine designs. I don’t care how rare it is, I want to modify one and make it into an 80s futuristic machine that only Koenigsegg would be able to create.
  • I’m thinking of buying a Scion/Toyota iM once I get my own place later this year (hopefully). It’s going to be an automatic (CVT) since I worry I’m on limited time with my bad knee and it would be nice to have a dependable and easy-to-drive DD that isn’t the Miata. Anyone have one with the TRD lowering springs?