Backstory: my summer project has been helping a former boss liquidate his car collection.

I posted the cars in a local Facebook group. I was contacted by 2 different dealership workers, here’s the story of each.

1. Guy contacts me about a CLK63 Black Series. The car is listed for $70,000. If you look at the local market, that’s a BEYOND fair price, trade in is $61,500-$68,000 and it’s a low mileage, very clean car. He calls me and says he’d be interested, but he knows they only go for around $58,000-$59,000 at dealer auctions for comparable cars. Keep in mind, there are 500 of these built and only 350 came to the US market. He then proceeds to say, “For me to buy it, I’d probably have to be in the car around $55,000.” He pretty much just wants to be able to dump it at auction and still make money or at least not lose any. Now I get it, you have to make your money, but the owner has his dealer license. He could send it to a dealer auction and get more than that. Hell, even listing it privately at $62,500 would probably sell it in a day! You yourself admitted that the car is worth at least $58,000 and a Mercedes dealer would happily take it on trade at $60,000 or maybe even more.

2. Guy contacts me about the CLK63 Black Series, a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale (pictured) and an F430 16M Scuderia. $70,000+$200,000+$340,000=$610,000 total for all three cars. He offers $420,000, saying “I can write you the check today” like that makes a difference and “Well it seems like a lot of dealers have been sitting on 16Ms for a while” (so don’t buy it?). Now once again, I understand that you’re in this to make a profit, but there’s a number where you can make your money and I can as well, but making an idiotically low offer like that is just wasting both of our time and downright disrespectful.

TL;DR: Dealers waste my time, nothing good comes from it.