I literally mean it, GoPro cameras are giving us different perspectives of sports that we were used to watch from outside and from a distance, then they showed us what is it like to be inside it, up close and personal, but the different ways of mounting a GoPro can show us new and different angles that we never thought possible for shooting on "Home Video".

Our friends from Haugen Racing brought their LS powered Hyundai Genesis coupe to Willo Springs/Horse Thief Mile for Just Drift's toy drive drifting event. But they brought a new rotating camera rig that provides a whole different view of drifting.


Check out their new video right here and go follow them on Facebook for more cool drifting videos.

Also, we've been working on a music video for the 8-Bit Miata where we tried to emulate a 3rd person view similar to a video game, for which we created our own rig and so far it gave us a great shot for this video.


Here's a small teaser preview

So, what shot is the most original you have ever seen on any motorsport?? Of what would be your suggestions for an awesome shot?? We might do that on a new video!!


All camera mounts were designed and fabricated at 18Fab.

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