It’s not politics, but I took this picture and just want to share the excellence of street parked garage queens, It’s about electronics.

I’m starting to look at electrical circuits, which is why I have this in my hands, a 10k potentiometer.

I was told by a classmate to avoid at all costs a potentiometer with a “B” in front of the resistance; I should instead look for those with an “A” I have no clue why he insisted that I do that... but everyone else was working with “B” so I just had no clue... maybe it was how susceptible it was inaccuracies, maybe it’s just a brand, maybe he was just messing with me.

When I asked about it on the electronics store, I was told in a very condescending way that “there’s no such thing” as a potentiometer with an “A” in front of the resistor.


Anyway. Just for shits and giggles, this is the proposed circuit:

Maybe I don’t need that buffer? But I want to stay safe.


Of course, this means nothing, because I don’t explain what I want from the potentiometer.... I need it to display 13.5v at one end and -13.5 in the other. Since the program I’m using, iCircuit, has a default output for a 10K potentiometer, I just used that.