Turned on the scanner for the local state police station, they’re talking about setting up a spike strip on the interstate. This should be interesting.

1:19 AM: Car being chased is a white Mazda, they said something about the occupants firing on the police cars in pursuit

1:22 AM: An officer on a different call just gave the name (spelled even), date of birth, license number, and social security number of a person (suspect?) on an unencrypted radio frequency. Dude should work for Equifax

1:28 AM: State police have been told to stand down and let the Springfield police engage in pursuit, but be ready in case the car gets back on the highway. Springfield does encrypt their frequency, so no way to hear what’s going on there

1:29 AM: Chase has switched to foot pursuit. Or possibly one suspect on foot one still in car

1:33 AM: Foot pursuit is on the railroad tracks. And heeeeeeeere comes a train. Seriously.


1:47 AM: Still searching for suspect on foot. Dispatch called in to inform officers that the suspect has a long record of violence and weapons charges and is currently on probation.


2:55 AM: