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Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of hoonage?

Edit: more specifically, a modified versions of a DUKW, a WWII amphibious landing craft commonly known as the duck. It was built as a one-off X project aimed at improving the speed and rough sea handling of what was essentially a corogated steel open top school bus that happened to float—which topped out at 5 mph in the water—with a discomforting lack of freeboard when fully loaded.


It features a biggass mid mounted turbine powering an outboard jet pump and a set of fold up hydrofoils. It was capable of 30 mph, even in some serious chop, but the expense of production and the fact that the turbine powerplant took up most of the useful cargo/passenger space on what was supposed to be a troop transport consigned it to an anonymous death.

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