So I went and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas this morning for the first time in years (I know I should be doing school stuff, hear me out), and I kinda feel that despite all the cheesy voice acting, Jack Skellington is a rather relatable character. Hear me out. He starts out with a pretty good position in life, but he becomes increasingly obsessed with something more and different than what he has. He then formulates a “grand plan” to help him achieve his “goals” through a series of increasingly ridiculous/stupid moves that ultimately get him literally shot down from a great height. Then there’s the whole reconciliation and the “happy ending.” In a way it sort-of reminds me of the transition into adulthood, that whole “wanting to be more” aspect of things, just with more “my liver will handle what my heart can’t.” Like, I really don’t want to utterly and completely fail spectacularly, but I have a feeling it’s a high possibility, and if it happens, I’d never reconcile with life itself. Or maybe I need to see a shrink. IDK.