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A Dutchie in Canada, a week later


Downtown Toronto seen from Algonquin Island

Repost for the Europeans.

As some of you may know, I’ve been living in Toronto for slightly over a week now, so I figured it was time to update you folks on oppo about my life here.


First off, I must say I’m really surprised by the size of the city. Of course, I knew I was moving to a city with over 2 million of people, but didn’t think it would be this big. I can’t complain though, as the room I rent is in a nice street, less than 15 minutes of cycling away from university.

King’s College Circle

On the topic of university, I must say that I really like the group of people I’m working with at UofT. We’re quite the cultural mix, but in the end we all get along just fine, and there is always room for a joke, or a talk. What I did notice, though, is that the working ethos seams to be slightly different from that in the Netherlands. People seem to work harder here, and seem to thrive working on short deadlines.

Made it to the final day of the Blue whale exhibition in the ROM

Not only my coworkers at university are nice though, it seems that the stereotype of every Canadian being very friendly, is very true. This especially holds for the Toronto oppos I met up to this point.

The Corvair of many names, if you look closesly you can see a Cletus in his natural habitat.

The weather is also great, although a lot of people keep warning me for the winter.

At the top of the Baldwin Steps, next to Casa Loma

The only points of irritation I have are nothing is priced with taxes (it is in the Netherlands), so I either need to do math to figure out how expensive stuff is going to be, or I’ll be in for a surprise.

The Toronto Islands are really tranquil, as long as you stay away from the touristy spots.

All in all, I really like it here. And will definitely survive the 3,5 months I planned to stay here without any major issues. (Although I’m going to go back home for a week in late October, as my mother wants to have me home for her 50th birthday)

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s. These are all iPhone pictures, I still need to sort through the pictures I’ve taken with my proper camera, after which I’ll probably post several of those to Photography.

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