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A E S T H E T I C S Sportcross Post

Found a photo of that “bronze trim” ‘01 dash with a full tan interior. Oh nooooo I think I need it... Looks good.

Also, here’s an apparently rare interior with 2-tone door cards and tan leather. Looks great, but I prefer my suede butts over leather. I also have no interest in hunting down those door cards:


Also, apparently they made “black chrome”tail lights for the IS 300 as well. I suspect these would pair nice with those overpriced black pearl badges I posted earlier:

I think these would stick out like a sore thumb with my pearl metallic paint. Would look good on the sort of titanium paint or black for sure.

I also haven’t decided if I want to do the red vinyl on my tail lights. It looks good, but do I care enough to do it? Probably.


I was thinking about throwing it in with my eventual window tint, but I’m on the fence about that too... [Insert fintail busting my chops about paying for a tint job to block out the 23 days of sunshine we have here]


So this is my life. I either have a project car that demands I throw money at it, or an actually decent car that suggests I throw money at it. Will I ever be satisfied with anything? For those who have met me: the answer remains: NO.

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