SCCA Local

Saturday, May 13, 2017 At Bristol Tennesseeā€™s Thunder Valley, Right next to the NASCAR track or spaghetti strainer with asphalt half-mile thing..

Registration ends May 12th, visit for all the complicated stuff like emergency contact and so forth. If you know the ropes then sure.


Not a bike helmet


And their facebook pageĀ 

and whatever media linkst to what. Man they promote this stuff all over the place..



Usually I hear about these things like, May 14th so itā€™s good. Oh, May 12th is in like 10 minutes. I think they mean by closing time.


Go Forth And Obtain Times. Buckle Up and donā€™t break your category or your noggin. They have loaner helmets.


after all the next rational person contact and helmet stuff I decided that endangering folks with my stock Subaru might not be worth the amusement, at least on the track.



ARE DRIVERS Responsibility!

Photo Credits: The Wonderful World Of Disney, and PBS Motorweek.