Hi Oppo,

Tomorrow is my A- Exam, which for those of you fortunate enough not to be in academia, is (at least in my field) an oral exam on everything I should know to be considered an expert in the field.


So before they can give my my PhD, i need to answer to five angry old professors for three hours while they ask me everything i’ve learned since 2008... needless to say my brain is sore and i’m in one hell of a state right now.

So to make me feel better lets talk about CascaZilla, my 78 PUCH moped. What do you think I should do to her? Heres a photo from last season

Illustration for article titled A-Exam prep, make me feel better, improve my PUCH

I’ve since replaced the limp dick air filter with a custom air box and re-done the electrical.


modifications so far have been almost exclusively power related. I bumped her up from a 50cc to ~70cc, added a high-high compression head (pushing 200psi!), hemispherical piston, ported her, 15mm intake, super nice full reverberation chamber side bleed exhaust with adjustable back pressure end bleeder. New shocks etc.

For this spring i did the better airbox, i’m working on dialing in the timing just right with a new stator and points. Carb has been thoroughly cleaned.


I’m thinking about changing the seat somehow, putting on some hydraulic shocks, painting the back fender white. I dunno. What do you guys think?

Right now she tops out at 45 mph, which is a little over double her top speed stock. I had her set up for about 52mph previously but she had no low end at all and I couldn’t do hills for shit which is important in my parts.



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