I work at a set dec/props warehouse, so how busy we are is dictated by how active the film industry is. Lately, things have been slow to get going, we’re only just starting to get busy with any regularity. Because of this, we’ve been operating with a fairly minimal staff, we’d maybe have one or two more people ideally. It also takes a long time to fully train for this job, there’s a lot of industry-specific stuff to pick up on, a rental tracking program to learn, 60,000 square feet of set dec and props to mostly memorize the location of, and order pickers and forklifts to learn to operate.

Alright, that’s probably all the background you need to understand my frustration. On Monday, one of my coworkers quit. He’d been there over a year, and just said he was quitting, and left that morning. No notice, nothing. Right as we’re starting to get busy. Now I’m not super annoyed by having to pick up his slack, but I am pissed that my ability to take vacation days before fall is totally up in the air now, since we’re actually short-staffed now. I’m really pissed about that, I’ve been looking forward to a coupe trips I’ve had roughly planned for a while now, especially taking the Raider for some off-roading trips. So yeah, not pleased about that. I thought he was a really nice guy before, but he changed that pretty damn quickly.

Gullwing for your time.