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A fascinating talk about the ZF 9 Speed

This is technical enough that I find it fascinating, but not so dry and deep that my brain wanders off into TL;DR-land. Makes me want to go out and test-drive a 9-speed Honda just to feel the shifts.

Also: This is the sort of thing that should be required reading for folks in car sales. One of my biggest peeves is when I know a car better than someone selling me the car. While some of the information one could know about the car (say, compression ratio or recommended oil viscosity or the type of fuses it uses) is fine for “I don’t know but I can find out”, stuff like “final drive ratio” and “dog gear changes vs clutched gear changes” is REALLY important. You need to know this and be able to express this in a way that consumers understand it.


And if you can’t, you need to be able to say “You know what, I’m not sure”. Because my BIGGEST peeve when buying a car is when the salesperson just makes stuff up. Don’t BS me.

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