Hi Gang,

I haven’t officially mentioned this yet - mostly because I haven’t had the time to really *do* anything meaningful with it yet - but almost a year ago now I bought a certain URL. I’m not even sure why I pulled this trigger, other than I saw that it was available and the price was less than I thought it should be and I happened to have the shekels to spare at that moment. I suppose the biggest reason I did this was as a hedge against something potentially happening to this here Kinja site.

While our comfortable little backwater in GMG’s Kinjaverse is probably not exactly front and center on our corporate overlord’s radar, I’ve been growing more concerned with how they are “handling” some of the GMG sites. Their decision to shoot Splinter in the head and then firing Barry Petchesky this morning and the subsequent revolt at Deadspin today seems to be indicative that the wheels might be coming of this here GMG bus. I’d like to think our Baby Daddy site jelopicnik will be ok but who knows?


Anyway, I’d been meaning to let it be known that I was the owner of “our URL” for some time but life has gotten in the way and I’ve been remiss. My original thought was to come here to the community and maybe crowdsource some ideas on what to do with it and recent developments here have made me realize that the time has come to do just that. Whatever I/we end up doing with it, my goal to imbue it with the same kind of culture we’ve built over the years here.

So what do you think, Oppostiles? This is a special URL that deserves a special purpose and I can’t think of a better cast of characters to help me decide what that purpose should be. Fire away below!

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