I finally was able to get the Seven out of the driveway (little to no snow left covering it), so I drove it to work. I upgraded the injectors the other weekend, going from green top (Supra N/A) 305cc injectors to purple top (turbo RX7) 550cc injectors. It was warm enough on the way to work to not wear the helmet, which was nice.

On the way home, though, I was in full gear. I noticed a few things.

- no more lean popping, I did hear one pop once at full throttle, but I need a decent tune; going to get the tablets working so I can adjust the F/A at the high end

- wheel spin is fine and dandy... just not at 60mph.

- I'm going to need a beefier clutch.

- I need better tires.

- Going to need a good built motor. Then I'm going to need axles, a LSD diff...


Damn. This is going to get expensive.

In all honesty, it hauls, but not that well. I think the wheelspin was because of a smoother pavement near an on ramp. It'll happily spin up to around 40mph, I wasn't trying to.

I wish there was someone in my area that was really good at dyno tuning.