Maybe it is because I'm still learning the finesse, but I'm not sure if I'm doing a couple things wrong.

From a stop, if I'm starting I go fairly slowly letting the clutch out. Now I don't take ages to do it, but seconds for sure. A co-worker mentioned you should never hear the engine note dip down to that lower tone as it engages (meaning the engine starts to get taxed and the clutch slips a little). Is this true? Don't you kind of have to slip the clutch a little bit to start off without jerking all over the place or launching?

Second- while uphill and stopped at a light, I have heard 2 techniques. The first, to find the point at which your gas and your clutch allow the car to remain still, with the clutch partially engaged and the engine slightly above idle, then take off when you can. The second, to just use your brake pedal and allow the car to roll back a tad while engaging as usual. Which is correct???

I've learned you really hear a ton of opinions and it becomes confusing what is correct.