The other day I finally got around to taking the Civic in for the passenger airbag recall. This is the third airbag I’ve had replaced under the whole Takata thing. At least it wasn’t too inconvenient to get it done. I feel sort of bad for the dealership having to deal with all the recall work, as I’m sure it’s not as profitable as regular shop work. I guess as long as they get something out of it, and it keeps them going.

While dropping off/picking up the car, I looked briefly over part of the new car lot, and came to an interesting realization (or at least I was reminded of a previous thought). People seem to be buying/driving SUVs and crossovers in droves. Why? I think it comes down to feeling empowered. People want to feel empowered with what they drive. They want power, but they also don’t want to have to park the USS Yorktown every time they put it in reverse. The SUV/crossover craze kind of makes sense. Most of them, at least from what I can tell, seem to have a higher seating position compared to a car. Even if it gives a false sense of security, people seem to like it. I can understand that.

Also, it seems like I have purchased the most unreliable “reliable” Toyota in the history of mankind. A few months back, we had the rear main seal, power steering rack, and power steering pump replaced on the 2008 Sienna. To put it lightly, it wasn’t cheap. The repairs were closely coming as high as the initial purchase price. (I mean, we did buy it from an elderly couple, who was the original owner, but still...). For a vehicle that has ~220,000 km on it, I’m not exactly pleased with Toyota’s so called “reliability”. Maybe just their vans are crap?

The reason I say this is I came home the other day, and Mrs. BaconSandwich says “I have some bad news”. The van was making a popping noise. I took it out for a quick spin, and was only able to get it to “pop” once. It sounded like it was coming from the passenger side. If I had to guess, I’d guess it was a CV joint, or something else suspension related.  Until I can replicate it reliably, though, that’s just a guess.

This thing as turned into a money pit. I am hoping to make it last another 8 years or so, then replace it with something electric.

... and because of the expenses on the van, I’m also hoping to make my car last longer. The Civic has actually been pretty good in terms of repair costs. I think the most expensive job I’ve had to do on it has either been the timing belt and water pump (which I’m due for another soon), or replacing the struts.


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