Forza Horizon 3 looks like a whole lot of fun, but I reckon it might need a few more stuff to really rock.

  1. Rally cars, not just trucks. Sure, they’re ultra king-size bad-asses filled with nothing but testosterone, but it would also be fun to see actual WRC cars in this mix, too. They’re smaller, for one, so they can fit in places the big boys wouldn’t, can be had in fleets, and is a little easier to be made anonymous to regular traffic, so should a Gallardo suddenly pull up at an intersection, you can really surprise the guy driving the supercar.
  2. More drop-top cars. Hey, this is Horizon, after all. We can be allowed to get carried away. Wind through your hair, sky in full view, extra danger of a flying prerunner falling directly to your cabin. No, not that last bit. There’s many of them past and present, in different shapes and sizes and tiers, and it would be cool to see some of them in the game, complete with convertible mechanisms and fussing about trying to get the top up or down if the top are to be done up manually. It would also make for good challenges, like the usual convertible drag race.
  3. Outboard engine add-ons. I’d like to slap one or two on a Raptor and go car-boating (or is it truck-boating?).
  4. Customizable drivers. One small knock about Horizon 2 is that the driver is exactly the same: a white bro-type bloke. Kinda strange, considering there are other people who aren’t white bros that are car people, too, and still be the kind of people that would also attend a festival like Horizon. It’s time we be able to make our own characters, either to our likenesses (or as close to one) or as other people.