A force of nature, part 2

The new foster dog, Stanley, is really celebrating life outside of a kennel. He is in love with his rescuer, my wife. This is displaying as separation anxiety, which we will be working on training him away from experiencing. He really does have a huge amount of energy, but we are working on exercising him in the backyard with fetch, and also training him on boundaries.

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It took him 2 hours to settle down for sleep last night . . . we eventually had to move his kennel into the bedroom with my wife, because even though I’m sleeping on a recliner in the living room (broken collarbone, you see) where we set up Stanley, he needed to be with his new savior. And it just now took him more than a half hour to settle down as we tried to start working.

I think that Stanley is going to be a fantastic dog for somebody once we teach him a routine and boundaries and give him outlets for his energy. He is cat-friendly, unlike our Enzo, and is only destroying things that we specifically give him for his play. He was very outgoing when he met our neighbor, so seems friendly with strangers, and in general is very happy.


I told my wife this morning that since I can’t have the thrills of riding a motorcycle, Stanley is an exciting substitute so far!

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