If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

And now for something completely different - The Great Depression

I found this car as a render mockup on Speedhunters I don’t know how long ago. Some kid saw these and decided to make one. This is a 1930 Model A that has been chopped, dropped and be-winged with an F1 inspired setup. He has since sold this car to a gentleman here in Dallas that is in the process of moving the radiator to the front. I genuinely hope he fully realizes the potential of the build gets it running right. I also hope he leaves the aesthetic alone because this car is perfect. I’d love to see this thing at a Rice Killer meet or Cars & Coffee.


Personally I think it’s cool to have an S2000 engine in a Model A with a rear mounted radiator that has a functional air scoop, but hey, his car now. Also, I don’t know how well realized this thing is mechanically. I just think this thing is badass looking. Those huge MT drags and the flat out mean stance is definitely unique.

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