A Forgotten Grand Tourer

Lincoln was once a company that wanted to fight with the Germans and make cars that are both appealing to luxury buyers and to the performance enthusiast in all of us. Their first attempt to enter the market of grand tourer occurred in 1983 with the Lincoln Mark VII.

The Fox Body platform was good for Ford. It brought the Mustang out of the 70’s and back into the hearts and minds of car enthusiast. Thankfully during the 1980’s Ford had the good sense to give Lincoln a new start. With the threat of Germans amassing higher and higher every day Ford believed the Lincoln Mark VII would be the answer. Based on the same platform as the Mustang and benefitting from the 5.0 the Mark VII was something different for the brand. By 1986 Car and Driver recognized Lincoln was making a name for itself with the Mark VII and awarded it one of the 10 Best Cars sold that year.


By 1988 the Lincoln Mark VII was given it’s most potent engine option a V8 cranking out 225hp and 300 ft/lbs of torque. Propelling this stately luxury car along at a rapid pace for the era. The car reached 60 in eight seconds and a top speed of 137mph. Not bad considering it weighed 3,700 pounds.

Today the Lincoln Mark VII can be picked up for less than the price of a fancy flat screen TV. If you want one in perfect condition it can still be found for less than 7k. Like this one. Furthermore with the aftermarket available for the Mustang and the Mark VII the Lincoln can be and is an easily modifiable car.

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