Hi, My Name Is: Deltyn

It seems oppo is a far less formal place than I initially thought. This won’t stop me from making a formal introduction. My name is Deltyn Miller. I’m helping raise a great little boy, I like good food, and I love to hate Nicholas Cage, but that’s obviously not why I’m here. What brings me to oppo is my passion for all things vehicular. Like many of you, I’ve loved cars, trucks, and motorcycles for as long as I can remember.


I grew up in the middle of 2 seater sports cars and on the back of motorcycles when children with sane parents were nestled safely in their car seats. When I was 19, I decided I wanted to work on cars for a living, and so I’ve been a full-time automotive technician for the past 11 years. Currently, I work under the wing of one of the biggest OEMs in the world, and most recently, I’ve decided to turn some of my passion into written word.

My collection of wheeled machines is eclectic, and I always have a project going. My driveway is currently home to 2 Fiat X1-9s, a heavily modified 1994 Infiniti G20, a 2010 Toyota Corolla turned show car, and an early example from one of the most exotic motorcycle companies in the world.


My automotive tastes usually lay in the fringes of popular opinion, and I’m ok with that. I know what I like, and I generally understand why. I’m not here to defend my projects, or to convert you all into G20 lovers. what I would like is to open a window into my garage and share the endevors and adventures that these mechanical pains in my ass provide.


This isn’t my first automotive forum. I’ve done a couple of build threads on vehicle specific websites, but this is the broadest demographic I’ve ever tried to appeal to. Over the past 3 weeks I’ve lurked, commented, and written 2 so-so articles. Having just figured out how this Kinja mess works, I plan to stick around for a while. I also hope to meet lots of new friends, so feel free to reach out, comment, and disagree with anything I post.


My email: Dsmillerp10@gmail.com

Instagram: @retro_mod

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