A Fox In Space...(Warning: A video game, not car-related post!)

I don’t usually post non-car content, but I am having a nerdgasm right now! I never played the original SNES games, but I grew up with an N64 and we rented Starfox 64 from Blockbuster a billion times as kids....loved that game, multiplayer was a blast! I’m not huge on all the game lore from all of the games in the series, but I know enough to get most of the references in this episode.

Was just having one of those sessions this evening where you are mindlessly wandering the internet from thing to thing and you end up somewhere but can’t quite remember how unless you check your History to backtrack. In my travels, I found this... 0_o

This is gdamned well-done. Animated, music, etc (except voices) by ONE guy. Super unique art style, funny....just all around awesome! Definitely subscribed and sent a few bucks his way as a donation. Episode 2 is currently (slowly) in progress apparently, but I am psyched when it eventually comes out!


Hope some of you enjoy it as much as I have!

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