A frame-by-frame analysis of the latest version of whether Han shot first

The launch of Disney+ has led to a discovery that sometime in roughly 2011, George Lucas re-edited the Han vs. Greedo duel to now add a brief clip of Greedo saying a word like, “MACLUCKEY” before he moves to shoot Han. Welp, I’m not a Star Wars nerd, but I do know how slow a video down in gif form.


As we can see here, both Han’s and Greedo’s red blaster blast animations appear on screen in the exact same frame. Han feints slightly to his right as he pulls the trigger. Greedo’s shot misses Han, which it might’ve done even if Han didn’t feint to the right, and ricochets vertically, because that’s how blaster ricochets work, obviously.

In the original version, not only did Han shoot “first,” he was the only shot, because he shot Greedo before Greedo could get a shot off. Only in a later re-edit was Greedo’s shot added.


Now, George Lucas is notorious for messing with the Star Wars movies after the fact, and Star Wars nerds who care about this way more than me feel like adding in Greedo’s shot was part of Disney-fying the Star Wars movies, before they were, you know, bought by...Disney.

But I have a radical theory to propose: what if the fact that Han feints to the right means that the intention all along was for Han to dodge Greedo’s shot, but Greedo’s shot was removed in the original theatrical edit, and adding it back in was putting the movie back to how it was supposed to be all along?

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