Wait a moment, is that a. . .


. . .but it doesn’t look quite right. Is it a 2CV?

After conversing with the owner, I discovered it was a Citroën 2CV with a custom body using parts from some older Citroën. It was featured on Chasing Classic Cars!


The owner even let me sit in, which was absolutely amazing. I didn’t expect the lawn chair seats to be so comfortable! And the display in the back of it was quite funny.

What could be more French? Those eggs will be fine though.
Ooh, flip windows. Once cheap, now chic.
“Often overtaken, never surpassed”
Kind of a crap masking job, isn’t it?

The front end is unique to be sure, but I think I prefer the regular 2CV look. Notice the hole for the hand crank in this photo.

Get out of the photo!

That is only the second 2CV I’ve seen, and certaintly the only one close up. This car show took place last summer, before I joined Oppo, but I thought I would share this in the dead of winter to liven things up a bit.

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