I miss her sometimes. She looked like this from 2000 to 2008. For a good long time, I was the only one in the bay area with this color scheme (black car, gold wheels). It wasnt till 2006 that I started seeing other cars with gold wheels.

I still remember when I tried describing the rims to my friends. They all thought I was getting gold wire lowrider wheels... LOL

She was lowered about 1.8 inches using Skunk2 adjustable springs. To compensate for the limited shock travel range, I opted to use Integra “Type R” shocks (because they were about 2 inches shorter in overall length), someone was selling on a forum I frequented because he had just installed Tein SS on his integra.

I also had a bracket from Korbach that braced the frame to the front bumper bar (it was great and did well to firm up the chassis).

Had all the basic bolt ons on this car, intake, header, exhaust, hi flow cat, adjustable front upper control arms from Skunk2.

No need for a rear camber kit, as you could just use washers on the rear lower control arm.


By 2008 it had over 300,000 miles on the ODO.

I would still have her today if it were not for the off duty, out of town cop, who ran a red light on 5th and Harrison in San Francisco one late december night. He tried to avoid my car but swerved too late and his rear doorjam caught my front bumper and pulled the chassis just enough for the Insurance company to total it.