A friend of mine is looking for his first very own set of wheels. His budget is very limited (probably to around 6000zł/$1850/1400EUR) and fuel consumption is very much a factor too.

Whan he's looking at currently:

Ford Puma

Mitsubishi Carisma

Opel Tigra


and perhaps an Opel Vectra B, a Mondeo mk 2 or a Chrysler/Dodge Neon. A Renault Safrane is also an option. I've suggested an Opel Omaga or a Ford Scorpio but those could be too expensive to run and too hard to find in decent shape.

Mazda MX-3 is out because good ones are hard to find and they have utterly terrible image. The same applies to Preludes,

He's fine with both diesel and petrol engines (although larger petrols should be easily convertable to run on LPG). Puma and Tigra are the smallest he's willing to go so superminis are generally out (unless they're really cool and I can convince him).


Currently his favourite is the Puma.

So, Oppo. Any ideas what else I could suggest?