The moment he got in my work’s parking lot, I wet myself. The car I was having a blast 2 years ago is right in front of me with the same red. I take a look at the odometer, only 18000 km on it. Everything MINT. He revs it hard in front of me and I can feel the engine vibrating my whole body, MY WHOLE BODY! He then says: “Here! Take it for a spin and push it”. I get even more excited and laugh like a maniac inside as all the other co-workers are looking through the windows of the building to figure out who my friend is and wth is he doing with that Rx8 here. I take off...slowly. I few streets later, I push it and push it and push it.

The magic is gone... All the butterflies that I had driving this car back in 2014 are gone. I felt nothing in the steering wheel. Nothing on the exhaust. Nothing compared to the one I drove before. I don’t understand this feeling. I don’t know if it’s the winter tires, the beigeness of driving a Civic Hybrid winning me over, the fact that this car had 18k km vs 135k for the other...I can’t explain it. I’m broken. I lied and said that his car is awesome and everything before he left, but I’m no longer set on one. I’ll change my name soon.