This is without a doubt one of my favorite new cars being sold today. Who wants to buy some organs?

Quick thoughts

The optional sport seats are fantastic. They hug you, without being restrictive. Not active adjusting, but bolsters can be adjusted

The interior mood lighting is quite nice, somehow less tacky than most.

It’s beautiful. Paint is great, body is aggressive while still looking “luxurious”. The wing I have mixed feelings about, but if any car deserves a wing, it’s the car with the highest output turbo 4 ever put into production.

Still being broken in so no going above 4k rpm or past half throttle, but it feels fast. Corners like a champ, love the transmission, love the comfort to sportiness ratio.


The interior materials are fantastic. Speaking of the interior, the front armrest slides forward and back with solid, chunky detents to hold it where you want it. Genius.

Okay that’s all. I could see this being my first new car purchase in a few years.... Never thought I’d say that about an awd automatic Mercedes “crossover”


Look at that color palette... Yes please