Apparently, a deal was struck last weekend - just before the race in Bahrain - between Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA to do something with F1's engine noises. Here's a tip I am suggesting for consideration.

For the record and to reference Capt. Obvious, the noise is merely a by-product - and not the cause - of the greatest displeasures F1 is facing currently. The cards have been shuffled for sure and if things go really sour, Bernie will still be in the position to pull a wildcard and just call it a day.

I, personally, do not have a problem with the engine noise. I admire the technology behind it and I mostly watch it on a small-screen TV with a single mono speaker anyway (as most of the people on the planet). Also, it is at least least much different from most of the other single-seater series out there (but not all of them), which makes it unique.

Noise =/= efficiency, which is not necessarily F1 strictly speaking, thus - if I was making decisions - I would simply take the easy way and go ahead with the GP1 plan and place it above GP2 with a common chassis and larger engines involved. In other words, I would reintroduce F5000. A cheap, no-compromise, loud series for the masses.

Looks like F1, sounds like NASCAR, what is there to lose?

These forgotten pieces of tracks could be put into good use as well. I already love this idea.


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