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A Friend's Dealership Horror/Comedy story.

This isn't a customer's horror story. This is the story about a horrifyingly dumb customer.

First, some context: This happened earlier today at the dealership where one of my friends works. She's the Marketing Coordinator for a couple of dealerships, notably where this happened. She didn't have to deal with the client herself, but she witnessed the event. We'll call her Missy and I won't name the specific dealership to protect the identity of the parties and company involved. But I will at least divulge that it happened at a Honda dealership.


So, this lady walks into the Honda showroom after having crossed the street from the local Hyundai dealership. She's holding in her hand a piece of paper. We'll call her CrayCray, and she says she's cross-shopping.

CrayCray shows the quote to one of the salesman at Honda. It's a quote for a Hyundai Accent. Afterwards, she requests from Mr Honda Salesperson a quote. But, get this, she doesn't ask for a quote for the direct competitor of the Accent, the boxy Honda fit. Oh no sir, she wants a quote for the Honda Accord! I kid you not!


Of course, the lady goes on an angry vocal rampage - To the amusement of the entire dealership staff - because the Honda Accord is MUCH more expensive than the Accent. She calls the dealership all sorts of names, including stating that they are crooks. At this point Missy comments to me that she wishes nothing more than to ram the small Hyundai up the woman's anal cavity. I comment back wondering why the hell would someone cross-shop a subcompact and a mid-size and also not realize why there's such a huge price difference.

Apparently the salesperson has nerves of steel because he was able to deal with CrayCray without breaking into laughter even once despite his intense urge to do just that. The rest of the staff was in tears hidden away in their own little corners, laughing at the insanity that had presented itself in their workplace. Another sales-staff added, in private, that he's going to sell her his golf cart to the (insert french swear word).


And then people wonder why I have little faith in the average intelligence of human beings.

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