I just spent the last 40 minutes attempting to re-inflate a wheelbarrow wheel. Unsuccessfully. I got the whole wheelbarrow for free, so I can’t complain there, but so far I have had no luck trying to get that stupid tire inflated. Reading online, one recommendation was to wrap zip ties around the middle of the tire, to try and squish the sidewalls out so that they make contact with rim. I didn’t want to waste zip ties that big, so I strung together a few hose clamps, which also didn’t work. Even with the air compressor, no luck - too much air is still escaping around the bead of the tire to actually start inflating it. I know supposedly it’s possible to spray something flammable inside the tire and light it up, but given the enclosed space I was working in, that didn’t seem wise.

I’m tempted to do one of two things:
1. Buy a new rim/wheel assembly, already assembled, and fudge it to fit. This might involve altering the metal brackets, or just fastening the thing on a new huge bolt.
2. Make a new wheel out of wood. It might be ghetto, but for the amount of use this thing is going to get, it’s almost tempting to go the ghetto route.