I like Perrier. For those of you who don't know, Perrier is a brand of sparkling water that's absolutely awesome! It is also known for coming in a very unique tear shaped bottle that looks suspiciously like a liqour bottle.

Well as I was driving home today drinking one of these delicious beverages I saw a cop light up right behind me. I looked down to make sure I wasn't speeding, I wasn't. So I pulled over to see what he wanted. The guy stomps up to my car and I'm sitting there wondering what the hell I did to piss him off. Well the guy is up at my window and demands, "Lisence and registration." So I give it to him and after he's convinced that I'm not on the FBI's most wanted list looks at me and says "Sir, what are you drinking?" I'm somewhat confused at what is going on and then it all clicks. He had mistaken my Pierrier bottle for a liquor bottle. I quickly explained that I wasn't drinking while driving and offered him a sip of it. So this giant poliece officer takes a sip of the bottle and his eyes widen as he spits it out. He then stares at me in disbelief and says "Dear god! You drink this shit?" I just shrug and tell him it's an aquired taste. Then he looks at me with a face that seemed in denial that after billions of years of evolution there stood before him a freak of creation that would put this shit in his mouth. He then appologized for taking up my time and told me I was free to go. And as I drove off into the sunset I looked back at him and I could of sworn I saw a look on his face that seemed to question the very human condition. And that's the story of how I think I gave a state trooper an existential crisis with a bottle of sparkling water.