A funny thing happened on my way home from work

Why dashcams are great but also useless.

Driving home my normal route along OH-2 Westbound a funny thing happened. Well, it's not so much funny as it is PANTS-SHITTINGLY ENRAGING.

As I was approaching the Rte. 91 exit an SUV decided to test it's AWD capabilities through a bank of slush and ice because, well, we've all been there.. They REALLY needed to get off the freeway in a hurry. Who knows, maybe they were late for fondue class at the community college.


Here's what transpired.

Clearly you can see the SUVs license plate SO WELL. I guess dashcams are good for a lot of things. My luck with mine has proven otherwise. Even if I could get their license plate out of this I don't think it would do any good unless I wanted to egg their house or go Walter Sobchak on their parked SUV.

And here's the aftermath.


Obviously I'm out a corner lamp... I guess I can "upgrade" to Marauder corners if i really wanted to.

This all just convinces me that I need to battle prep my car for winter driving/commuting.

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