So the girlfriend and I were out and about yesterday and as we neared a local VW dealer I remembered that they had a bunch of older VWs in the back that may have been for sale. My girl really wants an old bug in light blue with a white top...(because they have a soul) her words! ...because she is awesome. The delaler had this exact car which I knew so on our way back to check it out I stopped by a yellow VW is the conversation that went down.

GF - Ohhh whats that yellow thing?!

ME - it's a Thing...

GF - No really what is it? It's cool.

ME - really, it is a Thing!

GF - ok asshole quit messing with me! What is it?!

ME - Seriously babe, it is called a VW Thing no joke!

GF - OMG I thought you were messing with me!


US - lots of laughter!

It was a good moment