What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

For many years, I used to rent a portion of my warehouse to long haul truckers so they could do maintenance on their rigs while they were in town. Due to most truckers being annoying as hell, I eventually broke ties with all but one. Eventually he decided to retire, sold his trailer and rig, and started cleaning out the warehouse. But then he died from a stroke, possibly brought on by chain smoking for 50+ years. He didn’t quite have all of this stuff cleaned out before kicking on to the vast highway in the sky, and his kids had no interest in any of it. So I ended up inheriting half of a drum of gear oil, among other scrapable items.

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I generally do my own gear oil changes, using Mobil 1 synthetic (which is the small plastic bottle on top of the drum).  So now I’m wondering if I’ve inherited a lifetime’s supply of gear oil, or is this Delvac stuff different and more appropriate for a semi, not a pickup truck/SUV/RWD sedan.  Did I hit the jackpot, or do I now have a bunch of oil to dispose of?

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