1. While driving my daughter to school, I saw the same gray Sonata across from me in the turn lane in the same position as yesterday. I has its right side running LED strip burned out.

2. On the way back from dripping her off, the white pickup that cut me off by turning into its driveway in front of me yesterday did the same thing today at the same time in the same driveway.

3. On the elevator up at work, I ran into the same doctor that works on the 12 floor as yesterday, wearing the same jeans and fleece jacket. I’d never met him before in 11 years working here.

4. On my way down the hall to my office, the same patient (or patient visitor, who knows) that a I passed yesterday in the same hallway greeted the same way, even though I hadn’t noticed him.

Morpheus, you there?

Computer, end program?