So the story of my life is usually take on a 2 hour project, and two days and three trips for additional parts or tools and I am done. So today I took on another “two hour project” changing the lower rear control arms on my IS300, hoping for the best.

I didn’t even check to make sure the old ones were bad, everything pointed to them so I bought the parts and proceeded to take things apart. Two hour project with leap of faith parts purchase. Recipe for disaster, right? Not this day.

Project took a couple hours with nothing snapping off or rusted on, parts were the right parts, and the only fiddly bit was leveraging to get a couple bolt holes to line up.


So I am actually sitting around at 1:00 wondering what to do with the rest of my Saturday (Basketball??) When the doorbell rings and the rocker trim piece recently knocked off my Wife’s Fit under circumstances vague and murky arrives (painted, it is how they sell them) . It looks like it will be easy to install. Quick clean, line up, couple of hand pops, couple or four trim rivits and we are good as new.


Basketball?? Yes, Please!