Beautiful little house on 15th and Grand sold for a mere $380,000. If they had listed this back in April or May, it would have easily commanded over $435,000. Even now, the estimate is still for $413,000 but still sold well below that.

We actually went to this open house last month. I chatted with the agent for quite some time. When I told her I was stunned by the asking price (a mere $350,000), she commented that she knew the market was cooling off and her clients had no interest in the house sitting for weeks on end (the house across the street has now been for sale for 88 days!). She said she needs to get people in the door, and knew it would sell regardless because you can’t find a decent home in a good neighborhood for under $400k — until now, of course.


Anyway, she was super nice and transparent. The crawlspaces and attic accesses were all open for snooping. There were no quick repaints. The floors were not all wonky. She had already had five pre-inspections. While I snuck around, it was apparent that it was a damn solid house.

Random details: the house was 1,100 square feet, 3 beds and 1 bath. It had a carport that could easily fit three cars under and an additional space on the left. The lot is super small but we’ll maintained. Backyard is basically a party area. Roof had lots of life. And yes, you actually did have a pretty good view of the water between the chasm of the two homes across the street.


As you can see, you’re pretty much two inches away from your neighbor. Not a concern when if neighbor doesn’t suck, but I admit that I love that I can’t hear any of my neighbors at all.