It was a good/productive day. Started off with getting my compressor off the pallet and into place. It’s bolted to some vibration-damping mounts, which are anchored into the concrete floor. I should probably get some appropriate washers for between the foot and the mount to level it, just for my sanity, one side is a hair low (the floor isn’t level).


The above picture doesn’t lie (it’s only kinda clickbait) - after getting the compressor squared away as much as I can (still need to get the wire to tie it into the new circuit, the oil is in the mail somewhere, and I need to get a hose made to go from the outlet to the wall), I decided it was time to call it spring, and get the Chevelle out of storage. Started right up and had no issues with the whole mile-ish drive between there and home. The clutch still badly needs adjusted and the speedometer isn’t hooked up. It also still smokes a lot and runs like an old worn out engine. The first two are easy, the third is why I’m building an engine for it this summer. That should be underway before too long.

The jury is still out if I’m going to try to have it ready for the Oppo Rally.

To wrap things up, I put the warranty replacement idler arm in the RX7 (you may recall the boot on other one split right in half after less than 20 miles of use). That went without issue, and while I was at it I adjusted the alignment a hair so the wheel is no longer slightly off-center while driving straight. I tensioned the belts a bit more, and the squealing I had was gone, so that concludes the slew of work I had planned for this car over the winter - just in time for it to resume daily-driver status as the weather seems to finally be warming.


All is well in the garage tonight.

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