Sorry to hear about the many Oppos going through tough times. Came back sprinkle some e-love and to mourn the loss of Jules Bianchi.

Lads, if you are going through hell, you just gotta keep on going. Think about your future and realize that this hard moment you are experiencing is but a brief second of your life. You all have much to look forward to, bad things happen much less often than good things but we don’t always recognize the good times.

We’re all gonna make it lads, for there are a great many track days bro, autocrosses, cars and coffee, and bagels to oversteer. I wish I could make each and every oppo a strong cup of coffee and go for a cordoned off session at the tail of the dragon or any other enthusiast road/track.

I learned that my ABP keeps Gawker from getting my clicks so, yes El_Uly, gooble gobble one of us.

“No matter how bad it is, nor how bad it gets; I’m going to make it. Tell that to yourself everyday.” Les Brown