A Great Inexpensive Gift for a Porschephile (No, Really)

It's gift giving season, and unfortunately for those close to fans of all things P, old Ferdinand's name or Stuttgart's crest have a habit of making something nauseatingly overpriced ($250 laptop case anyone?) While I was at the Porsche Museum in October, I came across this neat 911 knickknack.

It's a small display featuring seven acrylic plates, each with a different generation of 911 on them.


This thing is really difficult to capture adequately, even if you have a nice camera (I don't), but in person it looks quite nice. The plastic feels slightly cheap, but the lines are all nice and crisp with bright colors. With all the plates on the stand, it gives you a superimposed view of the 911's history, and viewed from an elevated angle there is almost a holographic effect.


After I bought it for something between $20-25, I spent about 10 minutes swapping out plates and making comparisons between, say, the original 911 and the 996. The base is nice and solid with a good anti–slip covering on the bottom, and the whole assembly would make a perfect decoration for a desk or workshop windowsill. It even comes with a surprisingly nice box!


I have no idea if these are available outside the Porsche Museum, though I imagine they are. Mine is a bit dirty as I've had it in storage until I move back to the States, and I don't want to accidentally strip off the graphics because I couldn't read French cleaner ingredients. I'll try and find a link in case anybody actually wants to buy one.

Here's a 911 GT1 I saw at the museum for those who finished the post:

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