from my good friend Dirk who is a photographer in NYC. Semi car related but I figured you would appreciate it anyhow:

"This was shot with my trusty Nikon F3 on the Navajo reservation somewhere along the Utah/Arizona border during a 3 month cross country trip in '92. I left my car at a trailhead on the Navajo reservation, hiked with a pal for 1 1/2 days to the Rainbow Bridge at Lake Powell, swam in the canyons, hitched a ride on a motorboat to Page, AZ, camped in the yard behind a church, had a big fight with the hiking pal, got kicked out of the tent, froze my ass off for the rest of the night, tried to hitchhike back to my car in the morning without success, got adopted by a Navajo dude who hitchhiked with me (with success), got invited to the Navajo dude's house when he hopped off, got back to my car (!), drove to the house of the Navajo dude, Navajo dude was gone, sat for 3 hours with his grandmother who only spoke Navajo, shucked about 2000 pine nuts with her, got a nice big bag on the house, drove off, and saw this horse crossing the road. It was a good couple of days."


Bonus shots of his old 960 wagon he used to rip all over the country for shoots

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