Like many of us, when I bought my then-12-year-old Honda S2000, I quickly came up with a long list of improvements, repairs, etc. that I wanted to do. At this point I also encountered the brick wall of reality in that I don’t have time or money to do all of these right now, or even in the next couple of years. I was bothered for a while trying to reconcile this with my vision of the car as something special, something that deserves an investment to keep it in the world. Something worthy of stewardship.

Having owned her a year and a half now, I’ve arrived at a practical understanding of my role as steward.

I’ll have succeeded if, every year, the car functions a little better, is a bit more capable, and looks a little better than a year before, and my driving and maintenance skills have grown.

I still have my laundry list, but following this principle takes the internal pressure off getting everything done, and allows me to prioritize things as resources become available. And gives me something to look forward to in the long term, as she gets a little better every year!