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A guy a block down from my job has a brand new Cadillac CT5 Sport exactly like the one pictured. As we know, they changed their naming and it has the engines torque in NM on the back, so it has a 350T badge. Its parked on the street every day near a 7Eleven I go in for a lot of time in the mornings. This morning I asked him how he liked it. He said its good but not as good as he was expecting. I asked him why. He said “It feels down on power. You’d think with it having a 350 horse turbo engine it would have more get up and go.” I asked him who or where did he get the info that this thing had 350 horses. He says “It says it on the back look.” as he motions me to follow him to the back of the car so he can show me the 350T badge. “I would’ve got the trim with 550 horses but who’s going to use that much stuck on the 405 in traffic?!” (his NY accent made it more funny. He told me before he moved to LA about 10 years ago because he needed “some sun”. His words.)


I say “ Sooo you’re telling me that one of the reasons you got this car was because you were sold on the idea that it had 350 horses?” His face changes as I ask him this and he says “yea why, whats the problem? The sales guy told me that this was the one I wanted if the 550 horses was too much.” I proceeded to tell him that the dealer, a nearby dealer in Torrance, was full of shit, and had no idea what they were talking about. I then tried to explain how Caddy had changed their naming scheme, and that that number on the back was a rating in Newton Meters of torque. He hadn’t even heard of NM nor knew it was a thing outside the US. He was disappointed to find that he only had 237 horses.

TL;DR: Cadillac sales people are idiots and are apparently telling customers that the NM torque rating on the back of their cars is horsepower, and customers are clueless and don’t understand the new naming scheme and are dumb as hell. 

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